Dear friends Of Emmanuel Ministries,

It has been brought to our attention that long-time Emmanuel supporters have been approached by our former Executive Director. He is requesting financial support. This has caused confusion and caught us by surprise.

It is our understanding that Adam is soliciting funds for a different ministry that he is starting in the city. Adam and Becky Sebastian are no longer employed by Emmanuel and we’re sorry for the confusion that his appeals have caused.

There are certainly many needs in Juarez.  We wish Adam and Becky well in their new endeavors. As for Emmanuel, we continue to serve the children the Lord has entrusted to US, on this hill, in this city at this time.

Our mailing address continues to be and has always been:
LACCF (Latin American Christian Covenant Fellowship)
DBA Emmanuel Ministries/ Emmanuel Kingdom
P.O. Box 147
El Paso TX 79942

Or phone in Juarez Mexico at our offices is:


Thanks again for your partnership in this important work.

For the Children,
Betel Lopez
Interim Director