Item Monthly Amounts
Laundry Soap 240 lbs
Powdered Dish Soap (hand wash) 80 lbs
Clorox Bleach 24 gallons
Toilet Paper 200 rolls
Shampoo 48 liters
Conditioner 24 liters
Lotion 48 liters
Bar Soap for bodies 96 bars
Toothpaste 48 tubes
Toothbrushes 120 brushes
Hair Gel 48 liters
Deodorant 48 sticks
PineSol or equivalent 24 gallons
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly 48 large jars
Baby Oil 12 liters
Hair Spray 48 cans
Hydrochloric Acid (heavy cleaning) 20 gallons
Easy-Off 8 cans
Sanitary Napkins 200 pads per month
Black Shoe Polish 100 small bottles
Lice Shampoo 40 bottles
Toilet Bowl scents/sanitizers 120 each
Black Shoe Laces 100 pairs
Flour 80 lbs
Sugar 40 lbs
Rice 20 lbs
Pinto Beans 70 lbs
Nestles Quick – Chocolate 24 lbs
Coffee – instant 384 ounces
Cooking Oil 100 liters
Tomatoe Sauce 600 ounces
Canned Tuna 10 very large cans
Quaker Oats (3 minute) 40 very large containers
Pancake Mix (Krusteaz) 40 lbs
Pancake Syrup 4 gallons
Nacho Cheese Sauce 12 very large cans
Sliced Jalepenos in the can 8 very large cans
Beef 600 LBS
Chicken 240 LBS
* “very large” means the Sam’s size packages
Freezer Capacity
5 chest freezers  approx 20 cubic feet each –
 one reserved for milk donated by a local dairy
 two are usually full of meat and chicken at any given time
 two empty much of the time
If we know when you are coming we can have 3 freezers empty