Visitor Planning Form

Please submit the following form which will help us begin planning all the details of your visit. Please don't worry if many of the details are still unknown. Simply provide your best guess and we will use this information to create your "Visitor Profile" which we will continue to update together until the last detail is confirmed.

Organization, church name, family last name, or your personal name if not visiting with a group.

Group Leader Information

Of organization or group leader.


Pending confirmation from us.
Arrival Date
Departure Date
Arrival Date
Departure Date

Group Size and Makeup

Can be an estimate/range
Count (with ages) of men, women, couples, families with children, and minors. Numbers can be estimated.


It is rare that visitors have other options and we are happy to provide lodging with us.
This usually makes your time here much easier and productive.
Such as vegetarian meals, allergies, etc.
Usually visitors fly or drive into El Paso and we bring them into Juarez.
Some visitors like to venture outside of the Emmanuel campus for additional ministry or just for fun.


Can just be your ideas for now. Can include ministry, training with children and/or staff, work projects, activities in our children's home, our school, or in the house of prayer.