What to Bring

  1. Passport or passport card
  2. Pillow
  3. Set of twin bed sheets
  4. Bath towel
  5. Personal hygiene products
  6. Sun block
  7. Water bottle
  8. Modest clothing

We can provide blankets and we do not require that the things on the list are new. If you decide to donate these items, you may do so when you leave.
We also recommend not to bring expensive things (like iPods, laptops).

If you want to carry money with you, that is fine, but we do not allow visitors to give money to the children. If you desire to bring something for the children, things like little toys, pencils, and stickers are appropriate.


These rules will be read and needed to be agreed upon during your first day’s orientation. They are in addition to any rules that your group leaders establish.

  1. Listen to and obey your leaders.
  2. Be flexible and open to sudden changes.
  3. Stay within the ministry premises.
  4. Do not mingle with the “boys or girls” from the neighborhood.
  5. Do not go to the store or any place away from the ministry after dark unless it’s a
    planned activity by the leaders and ministry.
  6. Male visitors are not allowed on the second floor of the children’s home unless with
  7. We are not strict on dress code but do ask that you wear modest clothing. There is no need to dress up to attend our church.
  8. The use of bad language, smoking or drinking alcohol is prohibited on campus.
  9. Please set boundaries with our children. Do not give them money or other valuables. If you allow them to see your camera, cell phone, or other device, please do not let it
    completely out of your hands.
  10. Do not leave your backpacks or valuables lying around.
  11. Always lock your dorms.
  12. Drink lots of water.
  13. Do not drink water from the faucets or buy ice or liquid products from stores. They
    could be made with faucet water which could make you sick. Brushing your teeth with it is fine; drinking it is not.
  14. Use sun block.
  15. Do not put toilet paper in toilets ­ they will clog really easily.
  16. If anyone feels sick or has an accident, report it to the Emmanuel Leadership
  17. Always ask questions to anything you want to know.
  18. Open your heart and spirit. Allow the Lord to do the work.