The options are limitless and there’s something for everyone. This list is just to get you thinking. You can discuss activities in-depth with our visitors coordinator.

Fun with our children

We have anywhere from 60 to 100 of the cutest, most fun boys and girls in the world at our children’s home, ranging from 3 to 12 years old. You can plan outside activities with them, arts and crafts, Vacation Bible School type activities, organize a particular “camp” for them to enjoy for a week, or just have a blast with them during free time.

Get your hands dirty

We always have a list of work and service projects ranging from everything from painting and cleaning to building repair and new construction. We have many buildings spread out over a hill that are several decades old and always in need of attention. We also have many plans and dreams to always improve our facilities to serve better the children and people we are called to. View our current list of projects ›

Opportunities to minister spiritually

We are not just a faith-based organization but rather a ministry that was birthed out of the very heart of Father God that exists to this day because of the foundation on Jesus Christ, His Word, and the power of the Holy Spirit. For this reason, there are many areas and times throughout the day where you could minister to our children, staff, and the mothers and families of our children. This includes during our Sunday service, prayer and worship times at our house of prayer, our morning assembly at our school, or nightly devotionals in the children’s home. There is also great need and many opportunities in our community and throughout our city where ministry times can be planned.

For lovers of education and the arts

Given your particular passion and area of expertise, there are many areas where you can serve our children and staff in our elementary school and in the wide variety of classes in our Arts Academy and Ballet Academy.

Teens and adults who you can also serve

Apart from the kids in our children’s home, other people you might be interested in serving could be our teens in our youth ministry, the single mothers and other family members of the children who are in the home, and our very own staff. For example, you could help put on an event for our teens, do a work project at the home of one of our single mothers, or treat the caregiver staff to a relaxing spa day while the kids are busy in another activity.

Other fun activities while you are here

We have many special events at Emmanuel throughout the year that you are more than invited to attend and participate in. Many visitors also like making the hike up a nearby foothill to where there is a cross at the top. You can see a breathtaking view of the city, watch the sunrise, and have a devotional time or time of prayer with your team. Other visitors enjoy venturing into downtown to a market where you can buy souvenirs and who knows what else. We are in close friendship with other children’s homes and other ministries where you might want to plan something. Some visitors plan to take a child or family out for a fun time of pizza and games, or they take their entire group out to a restaurant. Juarez is a big city of well over a million people, so just let us know what you are hoping to do.